Monday, 21 August 2017

When I Got my Puppies

When I was in Dunedin I got three puppies from my uncle. I only got to have them for four months.

Then when we heard our uncle was outside he said that I could have two. My mate wanted puppies too so we only got to keep one. So when we got to keep him my mum named him Brownie. When his brothers left he was scared because when he was with his brothers they where play fighting and cuddling together. 

When they went to sleep they would go to sleep together. I checked on them to make sure they weren't hungry, thirsty or cold. The hard part was when they went to the toilet in there room. I put a news paper every where so they didn't go to the toilet on the floor. If they did my mum would tell them to sleep outside in the kennel. They hated sleeping out in the kennel because when they slept out in the kennel my mum would say that I'm wasn't allowed to put a blanket on them. But when my mum and dad went to sleep in the middle of the night I would sneak out and put the blanket on them. When they were very cold they would shiver then start wining and I hated wining. I could hear them wining and would start to get mad so that's why I put a blanket on them.

After a couple of months I was going to stay over my nans house for a couple of days. My brother and I arrived and we started playing on the PS3. The game we were playing was called Call of Duty, it's a very fun game. 

We left on Friday and I was excited to see my other puppy because my uncle said that he was going to go get me a new puppy and he was yellowish and black. The one that I liked was the black and yellowish one because he was easy to take care of. My other puppy was hard to take care of. When I got home I started to play with them because I really liked playing with them. I got to teach them how to sit, roll over and all other kinds of things. The most fun part was when we were running around and they were trying to get me. The hard part was when I was running away from them and trying to hide. My friends would come over my house we would play hide and seek with the dogs too. We would put them in the house and they would play around so the person that was hiding would hide away from the dog so that made the dogs the seekers. We would let them out and try to find the person that was hiding. We would not tell the dogs because we timed them. 

After 5 minutes we would tell them where they were. These were some of the fun things I did when I got my puppies.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Can You Shake As Fast As A Rattlesnake Tail?

Did you know?
A rattlesnake can shake there tail 60 times a second.

It's loud enough to hear from 100 feet away.

Coral snakes rarely bite humans but when they do they cause death.

The king cobra is the largest heaviest poisonous animal in the world.

Adults often reach a length of 14 feet.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My favourite memory in Taranaki

My favourite memory is when I went to Taranaki. I went because my Nan said that she was going to drop off her niece to Whanganui. I was suppose to go to Taranaki last holidays to see my cousin's Dayton and Lexus but I didn't so my Nan and papa were going to drop me off on Saturday. I was so excited that I was going because I missed all of my cousins that were down in Taranaki.

The next Saturday morning we had to wake up very early to pick up my aunty so we could drop her off to Whanganui. When we arrived to Taranaki all my aunties, cousins and uncles were outside waiting for me so they could get a hug. My aunty told me to go put my stuff upstairs and said relax because it was a long ride.

The next day at my aunty's house we went to go see my other aunty at her home and it was quite cool. They had a big TV on the shelf and a Xbox 360 just like my cousin's at his house. My cousin had more and more games to play though but some of them were scratched because of his little brother Daz. His little brother Daz could do a cart wheel back flip off the balcony and onto the ground which was pretty cool.

Later that night we were playing on the Xbox 360 and it was cool playing with my cousin. The game we were playing was a two player game which was Mask Off Two, it's a gun game and it's so fun to play because you get to make your own mask. I made my mask like a clown and a devil and the one that I liked the most was the devil one. My cousin made a clown and a monster one and the one he liked was the monster one.