Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Duffy is back

In the beginning of the term we watched a Duffy show. The characters names were Duffy, Global Girl, Lord Zendax, Moana, Koala, Mother Earth and Bush Fire. All of the little kids loved it because they were all laughing. Duffy and Global Girl were trying to save the world. The superhero, Global Girl, didn't know how to read and she did not like her boss. Her bosses name was Lord Zendax because she always would be a grump to Global Girl. Duffy turned into a superhero and him and Global Girl saved the day. The kids liked singing the Duffy song and when Duffy and Global Girl did a science experiment. all of us said that science is cool and all of room 10 boys were saying "I want to do science when I grow up!"

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